Health Coaching

People gain a variety of benefits from working with a health coach. Some individuals take actions that they never thought possible or overcome significant challenges that they thought were unyielding. Other people see a shift in their attitude and mindset that assists them in moving forward and taking the next step. And some people find out how to make enduring lifestyle changes after many attempts and failures.

What Health Coaches Do

Health coaches often bridge the gap between health information and behavioral changes. Health coaching professionals typically have an in-depth knowledge of diet, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. As they understand how these factors affect the body and contribute to health, there are equipped to understand and empathize with their client’s health challenges. Health coaches have the training, tools, knowledge, and skills to help clients build new, healthier habits and make enduring changes. As such, health coaches are unique in the healthcare industry, as they are not just a source of information, advocacy,  and mentorship, but also a catalyst for transformation.

Health Coaching Benefits

Health coaches have an important role. They can function as critical interpreters or patient advocates. They don’t just work with sick and unhealthy people. They can provide support for people of all ages and health conditions through any number of health challenges and goals. Coaches help people explore and discover the reasons and motivations behind their desired health changes. They work to empower clients to be their own advocates, confident in their abilities to know their own bodies, minds, and circumstances. When there are significant challenges to change, health coaches can help through providing support and accountability. People call on health coaches when they need help navigating various health concerns.

Benefits for Chronic Diseases

Research demonstrates that health coaching offers favorable effects for people struggling with many chronic diseases, including: 

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Insulin Resistance 
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Cancers
  • Autoimmune disorders

Health coaches help people with chronic diseases gain an understanding of their diagnosis and prognosis. They can also help individuals comprehend and follow their treatment plans. Coaches can provide support for the challenging emotions that often come along with a chronic illness. Furthermore, the coach-client relationship provides the chronic disease patient with a mentor and partner to keep them on track and hold them accountable as they work to manage or reverse their disease.

Unforeseen Benefits

Coaching clients can experience benefits beyond their initial disease of focus. As they take action and incorporate changes into their lives, they often gain confidence. That confidence can also spread to other significant areas of their lives. Unexpected benefits may include improved relationships, a better work-life balance, or overall improvements in personal satisfaction and quality of life. Newly-developed habits may also carry over well from one area of health to another. Individuals who have breakthroughs may wish to see the same improvements in other areas of their health. For example, they may adopt a healthy eating program, begin an exercise routine, or develop a stress-relieving meditation practice. Even after a supportive client-coach relationship ends, the work can continue to provide benefits for clients. Coachees learn how to build new, enduring habits, and can continue creating health for themselves for the rest of their lives.