Health Conditions Treated By a Chiropractor


Most people are familiar with chiropractors as specialists who can provide relief for patients with back pain. However, they can diagnose many different types of health problems that affect the muscles, joints and skeletal system. By assessing your symptoms, a chiropractor can create a comprehensive treatment plan. If you have been living with pain that has persisted for weeks or months, seeing a chiropractor may yield positive results. There are many injuries and conditions that a chiropractor like one from AmeriWell Clinics can treat. 

Nerve Pain

If you feel a sharp or shooting sensation in your arm, leg or other parts of your body, you may suffer from a pinched nerve. When there is pressure being put against a nerve, it can feel painful and hard to move. A chiropractor can treat your pain through various treatments such as spinal manipulation or soft tissue therapy. 

Spinal Injuries

Common injuries to the spine include slipped or bulging discs, fractures, or ruptures. These injuries can be traumatic and make it extremely painful to move, twist or turn. A chiropractor can fix the vertebrae in the spine back into its proper position to reduce inflammation and pain. Adjustments can relieve pressure in the joints so that a patient’s range of motion is not limited. 

Car Accident Injuries

A serious car accident can cause many types of injuries, from fractures to tissue damage to whiplash. Seeing a chiropractor can provide pain relief and tension along the spine and lower back. Accident victims can benefit from regularly seeing a chiropractor if they experience stiffness and soreness. In addition to chiropractic treatments, physical therapy can help to restore mobility and movement. 

Sports Injuries

Athletes can benefit from being treated by a chiropractor if they have suffered a sports injury. Sprains, fractures and ACL injuries are some of the most common types of injuries that athletes experience. Injuries can occur because of improper conditioning, trauma from forceful contact, awkward landings, or sudden twisting or turning movements. Chiropractic sessions can help athletes regain function in their joints and recover more quickly. 

Relief from persistent pain is possible, and you can achieve it without having to resort to invasive surgery or using risky medications. Whatever pain or symptoms you have, the natural remedies and techniques done by a chiropractor can bring you lasting relief so that you don’t have to suffer in pain. Obtain relief from your pain by discovering the benefits of chiropractic care.