Legal Help if You Were Exposed to Asbestos

Unfortunately, asbestos exposure is not uncommon, and it affects workers who conduct manual labor more than those who work in traditional office jobs. If your line of work exposed you to asbestos, it can take decades to even begin noticing symptoms of asbestos-related diseases, and when this is the case, your symptoms can be severe. Depending on how your work exposed you to asbestos, you may file a workers’ compensation claim or you may even be able to make a case against the company who manufactured the product that contained the asbestos. 

What are the most common high-risk jobs when it comes to asbestos exposure?

There are many common jobs that may involve exposure to asbestos. Some of these are:

Ship Building. If you were involved in maintaining ships or building ships, it is not uncommon to be exposed to breathing in airborne asbestos during your time working. Asbestos in this line of work is commonly found in things like valves, pipes, engines, and turbines.

Construction. Before the 1980s especially, products that contained asbestos were commonly used in home and commercial construction. It can be found in items like insulation, patching compounds, plaster, pipes, and fireproofing materials.

Insulation Jobs. People who worked in jobs that contained insulation are at a higher risk for asbestos exposure as well. Many products that contained asbestos were asbestos lagging, asbestos pipe coverings, and attic insulation.

Auto Mechanics. For those who used to work in the auto mechanic industry, they may have been exposed to airborne asbestos fibers during the process of installing brake pads, clutches, and even gaskets.

What are diseases you can get from asbestos exposure?

Unfortunately, many of the signs and symptoms of asbestos exposure don’t show up for many years after you were exposed. One of the most common diseases that is a result of asbestos exposure is mesothelioma. This is a type of cancer that directly affects the lining of your lungs, chest, and other organs in your body. The four main types of mesothelioma are:

  • Pericardial Mesothelioma. This affects the tissue around your heart.
  • Peritoneal Mesothelioma. This affects the tissue in your abdominal cavity.
  • Testicular Mesothelioma. This affects the tissue in the testicles.
  • Pleural Mesothelioma. This affects the tissue around the lungs.

In addition to mesothelioma, other common cancers you can get from asbestos exposure are ovarian cancer, lung cancer, and laryngeal cancer. The non-cancerous diseases that are also common are pleural effusion, asbestosis, and pleurisy.

In many cases, you may not find out that your work exposed you to asbestos before it’s too late, but your asbestos attorney can help you pursue compensation in areas like:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Personal Injury Lawsuit
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuit
  • Veterans Affairs Benefits

If you are interested in pursuing a legal claim for your asbestos exposure, please contact an asbestos abatement contractor, like the contractors at Nielsen Environmental, as soon as possible to see how we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your illness.