Why Self-Adjustment Is Never the Right Option

For many people, the idea of someone touching their body, even in a medical capacity, is uncomfortable. However, when it comes to physical therapy or the treatment of injuries, touch is often essential. Unfortunately, there are a few people who would rather risk further injury than allow a stranger, even a medical professional, to touch them.

The Danger of Self-Adjustment

When it comes to spinal and neck injuries, few professionals are more skilled at realignment and adjustment than a chiropractor. They use precise force and apply to specific locations to help relieve pain and align the body.

Unfortunately, because of negative stereotypes and misinformation, many patients believe that chiropractic therapy is a joke or not a real treatment. These people believe that adjustments are not difficult and that anyone with an elementary understanding of anatomy can perform the adjustments, even on themselves.

There are several reasons self-adjustment is a mistake, but the primary reason is the risk of further injury or worse. Doctors of chiropractic do not just randomly twist your body for the fun of hearing random popping sounds. They examine you, review your images, and make precise and measured adjustments based on years of education and practical knowledge.

Chiropractic Therapy Is a Precise and Measured Practice

Chiropractors use both their hands and industry tools to ensure that a patient is safe during the therapy. They also understand the limitations of therapeutic approaches, meaning they will acknowledge when surgical or medical intervention is necessary. As with any other medical profession, a chiropractor’s first concern is to do no harm.

Unfortunately, reckless people often choose to twist their backs or jerk their necks until they hear that satisfying “pop” without realizing the sound does not always happen, and it is definitely not a testament to performing an adjustment correctly.

Too much force, too sudden of a movement can often result in injury. Some injuries can become permanent. Only a skilled and licensed professional should lay their hands on you to perform a real chiropractic adjustment. It is crucial to avoid the urge to perform self-adjustments. Maintain your spinal health.

While trusting someone to place their hands on you is challenging for many people, know that chiropractors only do so to realign your body and create relief. A professional should never do anything to make you uncomfortable. If you need more information or would like to seek out back pain therapy then physical therapists from a place like LeMoine Physical Therapy could be of service to you.