Ways a Chiropractor Can Help With Injury Recovery


When you experience an injury, the associated pain can be life-altering. Even a minor injury can disrupt your daily activities and lead to long-term issues with your health. As you explore your options for medical treatment, you might be wondering how a chiropractor from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic might help. A licensed chiropractor can help alleviate pain when you have suffered an injury, and also help to prevent future injuries through adjusting problems with your joints, balance, or movement.

Basics of Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor can treat and help prevent injuries to the neck, back, shoulders, joints, and other areas of your body. Chiropractors are trained to examine the entire musculoskeletal system and treat the source of the problem. They are skilled in manual adjustment of the spine, which can help to relieve tension in other areas of the body. When the source of your problem was an injury, an adjustment or realignment of your spine can often help to relieve pain at the source of the injury.

Our chiropractor is trained to assess many types of injuries and pain symptoms. They generally do not prescribe medication or invasive treatment, but are skilled in using soft-tissue therapy, exercises and stretching, joint bracing, and other non-invasive methods. This makes chiropractic care one of the safest options to treat musculoskeletal pain.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care After Injury

A key reason that many patients seek chiropractic care after an injury is that this treatment does not involve drugs. Pain relief medications can be expensive and addictive, and long-term use of medication can be detrimental to your health. Additionally, pain medications are designed to mask pain instead of truly treating the underlying problem. 

Another benefit to chiropractic care is that the treatment is non-invasive. While surgery may be the best option for some injuries, other injuries can be safely treated without the associated risks or costs. A chiropractor knows how to promote your body’s capacity for natural healing, and they may be able to help you avoid surgical options.

Finally, chiropractic care can have long-term benefits for your overall health past the duration of your injury. Your personalized rehabilitation plan will include exercise, nutrition, and health maintenance recommendations designed for your lifestyle and long-term goals.

Why Chiropractic Care is Safe

Chiropractors complete some of the most stringent training requirements of any medical professionals, including four or more years of specialized training, over 4,200 hours of clinical and classroom education, board licensure, and ongoing training requirements. If you are seeking a safe, holistic approach to treating an injury, chiropractic care might be the key to getting your body and your life back on track. Schedule an initial consultation with a licensed chiropractor in your area.